Band: Peking Duk

Why You Want to Watch: Lady and the Tramp gets a 2016 update (to me, anyway) in Peking Duk’s video for “Stranger feat. Elliphant,” featuring a Doberman Pinscher and, I think, a Lhasa Apso. Peking Duk, a Canberra, Australia duo, had director Lior Molcho (he’s directed videos for Sia, Elle King & others) at the helm of this one. Some backstory, from the band itself: We quickly gravitated towards the simple idea of following the story in the lyrics. . . . We wanted to capture the feeling that everyone has felt at least once at the end of a big night. We wanted to reproduce those times where you want to keep the night going, and preferably with someone else riding that same wave as you. When it’s done right it can be magical. . . To make it lighter and truly show everyone how we see the story, we decided to use physical dog actors instead of humans. Deep down inside we’re all dogs. We are stoked with how quickly it came together!”

Very cute video to accompany a very good song!

Stars of “Stranger feat. Elliphant


Band: Major Lazer & DJ Snake

Song “Lean On” might be a 2015 release, but I will post any video I want, from any time! Totally doesn’t need to be a new video, I just have to like it.

Why You Want to Watch: The video and song features Danish musician MØ, that’s the number one point. It’s also got the American electronic supergroup Major Lazer and the French producer DJ Snake in it, also dancing in a Bollywood-inspired sequence. There’s a reason the video, to date, has over 1 billion views.

“Lean On” Video


Artist: Calvin Harris (featuring Rihanna)
Song/Video: “This is What You Came For”
Why You Want to Listen/Watch: I can’t get enough of this Calvin Harris song. The EDM track features Rihanna, and the video showcases her as well. Wearing a sexy onesie, Rihanna sings and dances in an electronic cube with a variety of visuals projected on it. And there are lasers. Naturally.