Show Review: ITZY @ WAMU Theater

ITZY Dazzles Seattle Fans on North American Tour Opening Night

ITZY Seattle 2024
ITZY – Photo Courtesy of JYP Entertainment

June 6, 2024 — ITZY dazzled Seattle fans with the opening night of their 2nd World Tour, “Born To Be.” The sold-out show at the WAMU Theater was filled with MIDZY (ITZY fans) of diverse ages and backgrounds. Once again, Seattle solidified its reputation as a solid fanbase for K-pop music.

The two-and-a-half-hour show had fans on their feet almost the entire time, with short seated breaks to watch VCRs while members changed costumes and prepared for their next theme.

ITZY kicked off the show with their 2024 release title “Born To Be,” igniting the audience in loud cheers. The setlist was extensive, featuring new music and older hits for fans to enjoy. They performed all the new songs from “Born To Be” except “Blossom” since Lia is currently on hiatus.

The show was divided into four acts and an encore, each theme showcasing different aspects of the group and its members, from fierce and fiery to aegyo (애교), street-style dance, and solo performances. The group was often joined by an entourage of dancers who elevated the visuals and energy, providing top-notch entertainment.

The visuals were full of colorful imagery, ranging from fun and cute bright colors to darker, moodier tones. The digital backdrop alternated between colors, graphics, video, and live footage of the performers, helping those in the back of the venue feel up close to each artist.

A notable addition to this tour was the live band, allowing each vocalist to showcase their true talent with live vocals. This proved that not all K-pop performances are pre-recorded or lip-synced. The live music added depth to their sound, elevating the overall performance.

During one of the breaks, there was an interactive dance-off where fans in the audience were singled out and had a moment to dance on the big screen to different songs, sharing their affection for the band.

ITZY Seattle 2024
ITZY – Photo Courtesy of JYP Entertainment

The evening closed with each ITZY member thanking the MIDZY for their support over the years and celebrating Chaeryeong’s birthday, which was the day before the show. Everyone in the venue received an ITZY banner before the show, and the group posed for a photo with the audience, banners raised high. They concluded the show with “DALLA DALLA” and a final goodbye, accompanied by blasts of pink heart-shaped confetti and cheers from the audience.

ITZY’s North American tour includes ten dates, wrapping up on June 28, 2024, in Toronto, Ontario, CA. This performance is a must-see for those who love high-energy and great live music. Make sure to catch one of these shows to experience it yourself.


Act I
BORN TO BE (Extended intro)
Ment 1
Mr. Vampire
WANNABE (Extended dance break intro)

Act II (Solos)
Mine (Chaeryeong solo)
Run Away (Ryujin solo)
Yet, but (Yuna solo)
Crown on My Head (Yeji solo, extended outro)

UNTOUCHABLE (Extended intro)
Gas Me Up
Ment 2
Psychic Lover
Don’t Give a What
LOCO (Dancers extended outro)

Act IV
Not Shy (Extended band intro)
SNEAKERS (Chanting outro)
Ment 3
Kill Shot
Escalator (Extended outro)

Be in Love
Ment 4
DOMINO (Seattle MIDZY Project)
Boys Like You
DALLA DALLA (Extended outro)

Full list of tour dates below.

ITZY 2nd World Tour Born To Be North America 2024