Photos: Waterparks w/Hunny & Daisy Grenade @ the Showbox

Waterparks w/Hunny & Daisy Grenade @ the Showbox – 5/2/23
Photos by Charitie Myers

Waterparks‘ Awsten Knight

Waterparks, the Houston, Texas trio, came to Seattle in early May for a headlining show at the Showbox. As a date of the group’s Property Tour, Waterparks also celebrated the release of their fifth album, Intellectual Property. They’re continuing the tour through mid-June before they head worldwide – nice! The rock band brought fellow rockers Hunny and female duo, self-described power punkers Daisy Grenade.



Daisy Grenade

Photos: Shania Twain @ Climate Pledge Arena

Shania Twain @ Climate Pledge Arena – 4/29/2023
Photos by Kirk Stauffer

Country music’s best-selling female performer Shania Twain started the show at Climate Pledge Arena by surprising the audience when she rose from her seat in the center of the venue – disguised with sunglasses and a blonde wig – while singing the opening verse of “Waking Up Dreaming”.  The sold-out show was the second stop on her 80-date, multi-continent, Queen of Me Tour.  Apparently dreams do come true when first-up Lindsay Ell mentioned that as a child, she dreamed of opening for Shania someday.

Shania Twain – Photos by Kirk Stauffer

Lindsay Ell – Photos by Kirk Stauffer

Video: Maisie Peters’ “Body Better”

Artist: Maisie Peters
Song: “Body Better”
Why You Want to Watch: Directed by Mia Barnes, English singer-songwriter Maisie Peters undergoes the aftermath of a breakup with The Golden Boy (as described on the guy’s tombstone). Getting together with friends in the graveyard and making voodoo dolls, Peters attacks a very tasty looking cake. She described the song:

“I wrote it after a breakup and it deals with the ugly things you think to yourself in the aftermath, when you’re painstakingly going through everything small thing you did and were and wondering what you could have changed. It’s a song about insecurity and vulnerability, about giving a lot of yourself away to someone who decides they don’t want it anymore, and knowing where to go from there.”

Maisie Peters – photo by Alice Moitié