Photos: The Beach Boys @ Marymoor Park

The Beach Boys @ Marymoor Park – 8/27/2023
Photos by Kirk Stauffer

It was great to photograph one of my favorite bands in the 60s and 70s – The Beach Boys!  The initially five, now nine-member group, did a great job of preserving those memorable Beach Boys harmonies that started 62 years ago.  Original members Mike Love and Bruce Johnston, now in their early 80s, are still going strong and continued to command the stage.  Seattle-based drummer Jon Bolton recently joined the band and was enthusiastically welcomed by the hometown audience.

The Beach Boys – Photos by Kirk Stauffer

Preview: Bumbershoot Returns – Day 1, September 2nd

Bumbershoot Returns – Day 1, September 2nd

Bumbershoot returns this Labor Day weekend to celebrate its 50th year! Saturday & Sunday, September 2nd & 3rd, will offer all kinds of music activities, arts and food. For day one, you can catch such artists as Matt and Kim, Reignwolf, Ride, and Jacob Banks. There will be five music stages and a massively tasty looking culinary lineup: American Donut Makers, Delish Ethiopian Cuisine, Dirty Dogs and more will be there both days. The wonderful Ruby Mimosa will also appear both days.

For tickets, click here.

Jacob Banks – photo by Kirk Stauffer

Less Than Jake delivers a tenacious and spirited performance to a sold-out crowd at The Showbox

Less Than Jake w/ the Toasters
Photos by Alex Crick

Less Than Jake brings a jolt of electrifying energy to The Showbox as they commemorate the 25th Anniversary of Welcome to Rockville – photo by Alex Crick

Less Than Jake recently brought their all-ages show to Seattle’s renowned Showbox venue. The crowd was engaged in a frenzy of singing, dancing, moshing, and thoroughly enjoying themselves. Meanwhile co-lead singers Chris DeMakes and Roger Lima exhibited boundless energy which was perfectly matched by trombonist Buddy Schaub darting around the stage and hyping up the sold-out crowd. The band is presently on tour, commemorating the 25th Anniversary of their iconic 1988 pop-punk album titled Welcome to Rockview.

Less Than Jake – photos by Alex Crick

The Toasters – photos by Alex Crick

Show Review & Photos: Pink Martini @ the Paramount

Pink Martini @ the Paramount – 12/3/22
Show Review & Photos by John Rudolph

Pink Martini – photo by John Rudolph

My friends asked me if I had photographed anyone interesting recently, and I told them that I was photographing Pink Martini. Reactions were immediately positive. Many of the women I know were aware of them. I was most surprised when I told a veteran police officer, and he lit up. He asked if Pink Martini sang in various languages. I told him that I was shocked by how many they sang in.

For those who don’t know, Pink Martini has been thrilling audiences worldwide for 28 years. I would say they play vintage-style swing or jazz. They capture the feeling of the time perfectly. Using an English term from my childhood, they banter back and forth which such cheek and the audience is entirely in on the joke.  

The audience is well-educated on their music and music in general. Lead singer China Forbes transported The Paramount to a different time and place. 

It felt almost like we were in pre-World War II Europe for the evening. China’s brother, Thomas, helped support Forbes throughout the evening. His voice is beautiful, and his lean elegance adds to his timelessness. He would be at home in a dinner club on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées or in Buenos Aries.   

I enjoyed their inclusion of guest singers. 

Edna Vasquez from Jalisco, Mexico, and America’s Got Talent golden buzzer winner Jimmie Herrod from Tacoma left nothing on the table with their magical performances. 

Herrod’s voice carried us to a new dimension. Vasquez played guitar, and she sang full of Latin passion. When Forbes came out after Herod’s performance, she said, “Dang, I’m so glad I get to follow that voice.” High praise indeed. 

I mentioned before that the 13-piece band, Pink Martini, sang in different languages. They sang in Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Romanian, Arabic, and Portuguese, and I’m sure I missed some. Their second act was all requests. They are just so darn talented.   

Pink Martini is one rare and very talented band. 

Please do yourself a favor and attend a show, regardless if it’s your genre of music or not. Like someone once told me, “good music is just good music.”

Pink Martini – photos by John Rudolph

Cool Cover: caro♡’s wild at ♡

Artist: caro♡
Album: wild at ♡
Details: Beautiful work from Dian Liang, a Shanghai-based artist. I love how shiny, yet dark, her art is. Look at those wolves! Those claws! In It’s Nice That, Liang said she tries to “paint psychology.” Enthusiastic praise from her Instagram followers include such comments as “OMG furry,” “furry powah,” and “Immaculate.”

cover art for wild at ♡