Cool Cover: Mae Muller’s “Leave It Out (Acoustic)”

Artist: Mae Muller
Details: The cover of Mae Muller’s “Leave It Out (Acoustic)” is a collaboration between two Londoners, Muller and photographer Max Hetherington. Based on his site, it looks like he’s done a lot of fashion print work. It really does appear to be something I would see as I turn pages of fashion magazines.

Mae Muller – cover art for “Leave It Out,” “Leave It Out (Remixes),” & “Leave It Out (Acoustic)” – photo by Max Hetherington

Video: Honeyblood’s “She’s A Nightmare”

Artist: Honeyblood
Video: “She’s A Nightmare”
Why You Want To Watch: Scottish artist Honeyblood (Stina Tweeddale) gets witchy in this video directed by Ashley Rommelrath. Pay close attention to the amazing contortionists (Françoise Odill and Casper Dillen) as well. You can see more of Rommelrath’s videos here.

Cover art for Honeyblood’s upcoming release, In Plain Sight.