Photos: Jason Aldean w/ HARDY & Lainey Wilson @ White River Ampitheater

Jason Aldean w/ HARDY & Lainey Wilson @ White River Ampitheater, 9/17/21
Photos by John Rudolph

Country artist Jason Aldean headlined White River Ampitheater on September 17th. The show, part of the Back in the Saddle Tour, brought along HARDY and Lainey Wilson as openers. Aldean has also collaborated with Florida Georgia Line to develop Wolf Moon Bourbon Whiskey (hell yeah), and just dueted with Carrie Underwood on “If I Didn’t Love You.”

Jason Aldean – photos by John Rudolph

HARDY – photos by John Rudolph

Lainey Wilson – photos by John Rudolph

Photos: Michael Franti & Spearhead w/ Of Good Nature @ Marymoor Park

Michael Franti & Spearhead w/ Of Good Nature @ Marymoor Park – 9/10/21
Photos by Casey Brevig

On September 10th, Michael Franti & Spearhead appeared at Marymoor Park. Led by the multi-talented Franti, Spearhead released their latest album, Work Hard and Be Nice (good advice!) just last year. Work Hard and Be Nice is album number 11 from the reggae-hip hop jazz-pop and more hybrid band. Charlotte, North Carolina’s Of Good Nature opened. They have several more dates with Michael Franti & Spearhead, until touring with Passafire and Joe Sambo in the fall.

Michael Franti & Spearhead – photos by Casey Brevig

Of Good Nature – photos by Casey Brevig

Michael Franti & Spearhead Audience – photos by Casey Brevig

Show Review & Photos: Carrie Underwood & Adam Sanders @ The Washington State Fair

Carrie Underwood & Adam Sanders @ The Washington State Fair – 9/4/21
Show Review & Photos by John Rudolph

Carrie Underwood – photo by John Rudolph

Carrie Underwood is so talented, and she puts on a hell of a show!!!

Okay, I can hear you now, “Duh, of course.”

Yes, she sings like an angel.  Her voice is crystal clear and very powerful, and I just kept saying, “This woman can sing!”

When I say she’s super talented, I mean that she is a true musician. She took the stage standing on the top of a set of risers, enveloped in smoke, and silhouetted in the backdrop’s white glow. Underwood easily played solos that most guitarists would love to play.  

A nice touch which I always appreciate is when artists tell personal stories. Underwood talked about how her life influences her songwriting. She also spoke about deceased family members who are waiting for us in heaven. I was moved by this, especially because of the enormous loss during the pandemic. 

Right after that personal moment, Underwood turned up the heat and rocked out. Again, she played some healthy guitar solos that revved the crowd. She then gave that cute wave at the crowd, slowed things down a bit, and turned back to country. Her ability to switch between country and pop was seamless. Underwood has a strong, sexy way of performing and the fans LOVED IT! 

The other thing that I love about a good show is when everyone knows the lyrics. It just seems like pure joy when fans and the artist share a call and response/back and forth. The crowd and the artist seem to share that certain something. That happened on Saturday night.

Fiddle player and backup vocalist Sydni Perry was a nice combination with Carrie Underwood. Their voices complemented each other so well.  

Underwood’s come a long way since she won American Idol‘s fourth season. 

Fellow American country artist Adam Sanders opened. Sanders released his debut album, What If I’m Right in May.

Carrie Underwood – photos by John Rudolph

Adam Sanders – photos by John Rudolph

Carrie Underwood @ The Washington State Fair Setlist – 9/4/21

  1. Church Bells
  2. Southbound
  3. Cowboy Casanova
  4. Good Girl
  5. Last Name
  6. Two Black Cadillacs
  7. Blown Away
  8. Drinking Alone
  9. Dirty Laundry
  10. Choctaw County Affair
  11. See You Again
  12. Flat on the Floor
  13. Wasted
  14. Jesus, Take the Wheel
  15. All-American Girl
  16. Little Toy Guns
  17. Something in the Water
  18. Undo It


  1. Cry Pretty
  2. Love Wins
  3. Smoke Break
  4. Before He Cheats