Cage The Elephant electrifies Seattle with epic comeback tour at Climate Pledge Arena

Matt Shultz of Cage The Elephant performing at the Climate Pledge Area.

After a five-year break, the band made a triumphant return to a packed house, headlining their Neon Pill tour at Seattle’s Climate Pledge Arena. They kicked off their set with “Broken Boy” from their 2019 album “Social Cues,” and right from the start, the energy was through the roof. Lead singer Matt Shultz was all over the stage, showing off his signature jumps amid bursts of fire.

Over a 90-minute set, the Kentucky-based band played a mix of hits and deep cuts from their six studio albums. They were clearly having a blast, with guitarist Brad Shultz (Matt’s brother) doubling as a hype man, keeping the crowd amped up with his antics. The band was tight and on point for all 21 songs.

Guitarist Brad Shultz of Cage The Elephant performing at Climate Pledge Area.

Seeing a band live is always great, but it’s something else entirely to be at a show where the whole arena knows every lyric was surreal. While the band didn’t talk much between songs, but prior the encore, Matt Shultz shared a heartfelt moment, acknowledging how tough the past few years had been for him and thanking the fans for their support. The context certainly provided a lot more emotional weight as he performed 2011’s “Shake Me Down.”

Lead singer Matt Shultz performing one of his trademark leaps during their performance at Climate Pledge Arena

Cage the Elephant delivered an epic performance that left the crowd wanting more. As I left the Arena, I couldn’t help but feel the band’s energy as the crowd around me danced out the venue.

Opening for Cage The Elephant were the indie rockers Young The Giant, who brought a relaxed, earthy vibe to their set. They captivated the crowd with fan favorites like “Cough Syrup,” “Superstition,” and “Mind Over Matter.” Their mellow style was a perfect complement to Cage The Elephant’s high-energy performance.