Show Review & Photos: ONEUS @ the Moore Theatre

ONEUS - Moore Theater

ONEUS – photo by Diane Webb

ONEUS electrified the stage at the Moore Theatre in Seattle, Washington, kicking off their 11-date tour, La Dolce Vita, on March 16, 2024. The TOMOON fandom turned out in force, creating a vibrant and diverse audience that spanned generations, ethnicities, and abilities. The atmosphere was charged with excitement as fans eagerly awaited the spectacle that awaited them.

The evening began with “Baila Conmigo” as the band took the stage dressed in shimmering pale blue and gold, and jewel-embellished shirts with white pants and white boots under bright lights that instantly brought thunderous cheers from the audience, setting the tone for an unforgettable performance.

ONEUS took a few moments to introduce each member and say hello to the audience before moving on to the next song.

As the evening progressed, and they reached the point in their setlist for their iconic debut anthem, “Valkyrie,” ONEUS engaged with the audience, inviting them to join in the choreography—a gesture warmly reciprocated by the enthusiastic crowd. Throughout the night, the energy remained palpable as the band delivered hit after hit, keeping the audience on their feet and fully immersed in the experience.

A highlight of the show was the mesmerizing video backdrops, which provided glimpses into the lives of the band members, alternating between whimsical moments and profound imagery. These interludes allowed for seamless costume changes while captivating the audience with a visual feast.

Between songs, ONEUS took moments to connect with their fans, expressing gratitude for their unwavering support and sharing anecdotes about their journey as musicians. Their infectious enthusiasm and genuine rapport with the audience further endeared them to TOMOON. They even joked about recording the English version of “Life Is Beautiful” and how easy (in a joking tone) it was to sing in English, which brought a lot of laughter from the audience who could relate, whether learning English or vice versa learning Korean and understanding the struggle it has.

The setlist showcased the band’s versatility, drawing from their extensive discography with a mix of tracks from albums such as ‘Devil,’ ‘Malus,’ and ‘Pygmalion.’ From the soulful melodies to the dynamic beats, each song was delivered with precision and passion, leaving a lasting impression on everyone in attendance.

As the night drew to a close, the energy reached its peak during the electrifying finale, “Shut Up Crazy Hot,” culminating in a euphoric celebration of music and unity. As K-pop continues to gain traction in Seattle, ONEUS’s performance served as a testament to the genre’s enduring popularity and the profound connection between artists and their fans.

With a promise of more unforgettable evenings ahead, TOMOON can rest assured that their love for ONEUS will continue to be celebrated in the Emerald City and beyond.