Cool Cover: Dream Drop’s Acne Superstar

Artist: Dream DropAlbum: Acne SuperstarDetails: Swedish band Dream Drop opted for what could be a Valentine Day’s themed cover. Big red hearts matched by big red eyes and a blue-tinged black fringe on the heads of red-lipped dolls. Very pretty. The vinyl of the album is red and black too! Cover Art for Acne Superstar

Cool Cover: Meth Math’s Chupetones

Artist: Meth MathAlbum: ChupetonesDetails: Meth Math, a band from Mexico, will release their debut album, Chupetones, in February. For the cover, Angel Narcissa did the cool artwork. Check out what I think is a silver motorcycle? A doll riding the motorcycle. So much steel. Cover art work for Chupetones by Angel Narcissa