Cool Cover: Meth Math’s Chupetones

Artist: Meth MathAlbum: ChupetonesDetails: Meth Math, a band from Mexico, will release their debut album, Chupetones, in February. For the cover, Angel Narcissa did the cool artwork. Check out what I think is a silver motorcycle? A doll riding the motorcycle. So much steel. Cover art work for Chupetones by Angel Narcissa

Cool Cover: Madison Beer’s Silence Between Songs

Artist: Madison BeerAlbum: Silence Between SongsDetails: This picture has some interesting sharp lines along with the cool, curved neckline of Beer’s dress and twists of her hair. I like the clinical looking light, making me think of Beer as a futuristic nurse leaning against a likewise clinical, teal wall.

Cool Cover: beccs’ ” I Don’t Do Fun”

Artist: beccsSingle: “I Don’t Do Fun”Details: Harlequin vibes & a golden balloon. . . I like the all around golden colors in the photo from her hair to earrings to the rust colored makeup and of course that pretty balloon. And check out the ruffled collar. Beautiful. cover art for beccs’ “I Don’t Do Fun”

Cool Cover: THETAN’s Grand Ole Agony

Artist: THETANAlbum: Grand Ole AgonyDetails: Evil bunnies? Bloody bunnies? Love the pink noses and the juxtaposition of the fluff and the sharp edges of horns and daggers. The artist is Kristen Ferrell, whose work links in nicely with my most recent cool cover of Pussy Riot’s single, “Bad Trip.” Ferrell is influenced by Hieronymus Bosch, […]