Band: Elle Exxe
Video: “Catapult”
Why You Want To Watch: Scottish singer-songwriter Elle Exxe made her very own video! The electronic/pop musician doesn’t always appear as she does in this video; the 2D look is meant to stop judging by appearances alone:

“Too often people define and judge one another based on basic outlines – what clothes someone wears, who they’re friends with, what colour their skin is etc. Those judgements become beliefs – creating the same kind of instinct that tells you when something is flat or has depth. I wanted to mess with people’s minds in video format by creating a 2D illusion with high-contrast black and white makeup and clothing.”

Elle Exxe’s excellent debut album, Love Fuelled Hate, is out now.

Elle Exxe

Elle @ SXSW 2017 – photo by Kirk Stauffer


Band: Galantis
Song: “Hunter”
Why You Want To Watch: Swedish duo Christian Karlsson & Linus Eklöw brought out the video for “Hunter” in June, and it features some pretty adorable creatures. What a fun video this would have been to happen upon while it was being filmed. Directed by Ben Fee, who seems to specialize in these out of this world spectacles, the video is part of a production company called Scandinavia. Beautiful work.

Galantis – photo by Katharina Næss


Band: The Kooks
Song: “Broken Vow”
Why You Want To Watch: The Kooks made a cool video (literally, there’s ice in it) for “Broken Vow,” one of two new songs on The Best of. . . So Far, a Kooks greatest hits album. Digging in to the Internet drew to my attention that the video’s director, Charlie Paul, helms ITCH FILM, an English ad and creative company. Naturally, I was drawn specifically to the cat section. The Kooks themselves are finishing their newest album, which required that they reschedule the planned 2017 headline tour. Those dates include a June 1st, 2018 appearance at Showbox SoDo.

The Kooks


Band: Tove Lo
Song:Disco Tits
Why You Want To Watch: Tove Lo’s video for “Disco Tits” features a puppet boyfriend. That little puppet is super cute, and I love the Swedish singer-songwriter Tove Lo, so of course I had to check this one out immediately. It’s brilliant. Directed by fellow Swede, Tim Erem, Tove Lo admits of it on Facebook: you say I’m an iconic bitch cause I did some puppet sex yah. Now, find out what happens after she asks the puppet, “If you could pick any flavor once, would you still choose vanilla?”