Artist: Maisie Peters
Song: “Body Better”
Why You Want to Watch: Directed by Mia Barnes, English singer-songwriter Maisie Peters undergoes the aftermath of a breakup with The Golden Boy (as described on the guy’s tombstone). Getting together with friends in the graveyard and making voodoo dolls, Peters attacks a very tasty looking cake. She described the song:

“I wrote it after a breakup and it deals with the ugly things you think to yourself in the aftermath, when you’re painstakingly going through everything small thing you did and were and wondering what you could have changed. It’s a song about insecurity and vulnerability, about giving a lot of yourself away to someone who decides they don’t want it anymore, and knowing where to go from there.”

Maisie Peters – photo by Alice Moitié


Video: Carly Rae Jepsen‘s “The Loneliest Time (feat. Rufus Wainwright)
Why You Want to Watch: You can’t go wrong when you add Rufus Wainwright to anything. Carly Rae Jepsen got him to sing with her on “The Loneliest Time” and to star in the video with her. The Broadway musical-inspired & ’70s video features shiny silver everywhere, platform shoes, a singing Moon, and fancy dancing. The performance was directed by cinematographer Brantley Gutierrez, who has worked with a variety of artists such as Paul McCartney and Diplo. Click on the link above or the screen shot to check it out.

Rufus Wainwright & Carly Rae Jepsen in “The Loneliest Time”


Artist: Genevieve Stokes
Video: “Habits”
Why You Want to Watch: Stokes said the video was “inspired by Alice in Wonderland and the idea of falling down the rabbit hole.” I can get behind that! I love everything about this video: the animal masks, Stokes herself, the party they all have. Special praise for director of photography Justin Kaminuma, who made a really cool hazy atmosphere. Click on the above link or the photo to watch the video & Happy Halloween!

Genevieve Stokes in Habits

Video: White Lies‘ “Trouble In America”
Why You Want to Watch: Bassist and songwriter of White Lies directed the video for the band’s latest single, “Trouble in America.” Along with collections of videos from, I believe American ’50s and maybe ’60s, Cave puts singer/guitarist Harry McVeigh in what’s maybe a coffin? a bed? for a rather mind-bending film.