Band: Kasabian
Song: “Ill Ray (The King)”
Why You Want To Watch: Game of Thrones‘ Lena Headey resurrects King Richard III! And he is the gentle-faced Michael Sosha from Being Human (recommended)! Headey’s character works some black magic at the parking lot built right over where Richard’s bones were buried (I still can’t believe they were able to find his remains) and they enjoy the pub, and some curry. Really perfect video. I might be partial, as I love all things Richard III. Always have, always will. Very fun fact: director is Dan Cadan, Lena Headey’s partner.



Artist: Gary Numan
Video: “My Name Is Ruin”
Why You Want to Watch: It’s a beautiful video directed by Chris Corner (IAMX). I love a great apocalyptic concept; this one was placed in Californian deserts. “My Name Is Ruin” features vocals from Numan’s daughter, Persia, who also creates a strong presence with her dad in the video. Very cool family. Look for Numan’s newest album, Savage (Songs From A Broken World), releasing on September 15th, with a giant tour beginning in October (I see you, November 22nd at the Neptune!!!).

Gary Numan

Gary Numan & Persia Numan


Band: Moderat
Song: “Reminder”
Why You Want To Watch: It’s just cool. The band worked with digital artists and fellow Germans, Pfadfinderei on the video, which is imaginative and trippy! Moderat hits all the big European summer festivals – and more – starting this June.


Artist: Blaenavon

Blaenavon – photo by Charlotte Patmore

Video: “Orthodox Man”

Why You Want to Watch: I can’t stop listening to or watching this English band. That’s how much I love them. They were my top pick for the entire SXSW Music Festival (we’ll have photos from that show up to lead off our SXSW, by the way), and they’re from beautiful Hampshire. They’ve now played SXSW twice! The video for “Orthodox Man” was directed by Francesca Cansarino during a visit to NYC. That’s Your Lot, the band’s debut LP, will be available April 7th.


Video: “Tabloid,” by UNIFORM

Why You Want to Watch: Industrial metal duo perform “Tabloid” in a delivery truck racing around the streets of Queens, New York. What could possibly go wrong? The guys, Ben Greenberg and Michael Berden, appear to come out of the filming okay; who knows what really happened. . . You can get a good look at them at Barboza on February 16th, where they will be sure to play a cool show emphasizing tracks off their second release, Wake in Fright (also on Sacred Bones Records).

UNIFORM – photo by Samantha Marble


Band: The 1975
Why You Want to Watch: I can’t say how much I love the 1975’s song “Somebody Else.” A lot! I love it loads. The video for it, directed by Tim Mattia (who’s directed other videos for the band), is an unsettling but beautiful night in the life of singer Matthew Healy’s imagination. Healy gets to display more of his acting chops (makes sense, his parents are actors) in the piece the label’s presser describes like this: Picking up where the video for “A Change Of Heart” left off, “Somebody Else” continues to see the band taking their unique aesthetic to new heights. . . [it] follows Healy through the murky world of a Lynchian night-time London, struggling with self -obsession in the face of heart-break.”