Artist: Halsey
Video: “Nightmare”
Why You Want to Watch: Wow, the many looks of Halsey, and they’re all beautiful. This female-empowering video was directed by Hannah Lux Davis. She’s directed videos by Ariana Grande, Jesse J, and many other female musicians. Several slogans pop up here, such as “You Smile, Asshole,” “It’s Our Turn,” while Debbie Harry makes a cameo. Model/actress Cara Delevingne appears too!

Screenshot of Halsey’s “Nightmare” video


Song: “No Promises”
Artist: Cheat Codes featuring Demi Lovato
Why You Want to Watch: Directed by Hannah Lux Davis, who has roots in Bellevue, Washington (a local !!!!!), Cheat Codes’ “No Promises” video features Demi Lovato. I like the apocalyptic visuals and muted neons.

Cheat Codes & Demi Lovato


Song: “Joanne”
Artist: Kid Astray
Why You Want to Watch: This one’s got just what you need when checking out a band: the band, the song and cool lights! Kid Astray is a Norway-based quintet incorporating synth, bass and pop, and I’m digging them. The video, directed by Ask Sunde, a talented photographer in Oslo, Norway, gives you a taste of new music to come in 2018. Tusen takk, Kid Astray.

Kid Astray – photo by Christian Zervos

Song: “Blink”
Artist: Bad Gyal
Why You Want to Listen & Watch: Barcelona’s Bad Gyal, a singer who performs her music in English, Spanish and Catalan, gives us a taste of her new mixtape with the track “Blink.” The video shows Bad Gyal singing and dancing while surrounded by flowers in Mexico City- and she shakes her stuff! You like what you hear and see? Then you’re in luck, Bad Gyal visits Seattle’s Barboza on March 7th. You’ll get to see her 2018 show before SWSW.

Photo by Alexis Gómez


Artist: The Vaccines
Video: “I Can’t Quit”
Why You Want To Watch: The truly great Vaccines have a new album coming out! It’s called Combat Sports, and I really need this band right now. The British band really does stand as a strong example of how awesome pop music can be. The Vaccines also discussed the plan behind this video: “We wanted to make something immediate and direct, and not overly conceptual. We wanted the audience to be involved in the video, to do some of their own investigating and speculating. I like the idea that there could be discussions going on as to what happened in the video long after it is made”. I hope a tour is in the works – they are amazing live too.

The Vaccines


Artist: Snavs
Video: “Give Me The Light”
Why You Want To Watch: Directed by Scottish filmmaker Graham Hughes (A Practical Guide to A Spectacular Suicide), Snavs’ very well-done video for “Give Me The Light” turns hunting around. In red and white hunting suits, two fox hunters go after a human to the Danish DJ/Producer’s great tune.

Snavs – photo by Aaron Klisman

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