Artist: The 1975
Song/Video: “Love Me”
Why You Want to Listen/Watch: The band looks and sounds gorgeous in the video, which is a great and sexy parody of stardom. I love the blue eye shadow, the hot tub, and the dancing. Also, it was directed by the wonderful Diane Martel, who was at the helm of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines,” Goldfrapp’s “Ride a White Horse,” and Ciara’s “Love Sex Magic” – among many others.
Details: “Love Me” is the first single from the band’s second album, I Like It When You Sleep for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It, set for a February 2016 release.

The 1975

More details from singer Matthew Healy himself:

“With Love Me we wanted to capture the neon-hued enthralling acquisition of success and excess, the screaming momentum, the sexy daze. Everything is REDICULOUS! But, is it? The only art worth any investment is art that makes one feel personally addressed. A simple truth, or set of truths, that galvanises an awareness and passion within an individual and in doing so immerses the individual into a sense of shared experience and community founded upon that same personal connection or experience. Too many artists care what others think. We are for the ‘community’! A non-linear observation on everything that has been and what will become. A lack of understanding of the world we are living in. The post-ironic notion of the modern world. Selfie mythologizing. Creating how we consume. Fragments of culture. Not settling for what you’re given. WE’VE JUST COME TO REPRESENT A DECLINE IN THE STANDARDS OF WHAT WE ACCEPT.”


Artist: Selena Gomez & Phantoms
Song/Video: “Good for You”
Why You Want to Listen/Watch: Why not? This is a great sing co-written by Gomez. Sexy by itself, LA’s Phantoms give “Good for You” some electronic sleaze.
Details: The video is pretty, focusing on Selena Gomez. Phantoms come to Seattle on December 18th, while Gomez’s Revival Tour hits Seattle on May 13th at KeyArena.


Phantoms’ “Good for You” Remix


Artist: The Rolling Stones
Song: “Too Much Blood”
Why You Want to Watch: Ron Wood and Keith Richards go after Mick Jagger with chainsaws, Jagger dances. And writhes around on the floor. And he raps.
Details: Julien Temple (Absolute Beginners, Earth Girls Are Easy) directed the video. 1983’s Undercover, the album “Too Much Blood” comes from, may not have received the best reviews, but it’s got this song on it, and that’s good by me.

The Rolling Stones‘ “Too Much Blood” Single


Artist: Clark
Song: “To Live and Die in Grantham”
Why You Want to Watch: As directed by Christopher Hewitt, this guy in the video is having too much fun, and he’s got some fancy dance moves.
Details: Electronic artist Clark visited Seattle twice in 2015. Not sure how, but I managed to miss both shows! I am sure he will return. Signed to Warp Records, Clark (AKA Chris Clark), shared Flame Rave this year.