Photos: Def Leppard, Styx & Tesla @ White River Ampitheatre

Asking “I suppose a rock’s out of the question?,” Def Leppard propositioned fans at White River Ampitheatre on September 16th. The Sheffield, England hard rock legends finally released a self-titled album this year, and are working on a cartoon! The continually excellent band, nominated for numerous awards, has maintained a relatively consistent lineup. Classic rock […]

Photos: The Ting Tings @ the Neptune

The Ting Tings, also known as the magical pair of British artists Jules De Martino and Katie White, returned to Seattle in March 2015. Duran Duran fans will be excited to hear that former guitarist Andy Taylor produced the Ting Tings’ latest album, Super Critical, which was extremely awaited. A short gap of only 2 […]

Photos: Janiva Magness @ Jazz Alley

Blues singer-songwriter Janiva Magness and her band were in Seattle for a July 2014 appearance at Jazz Alley. The Detroit, Michigan native released her latest album, Original, also in 2014. An adoption activist, she is also a spokesperson for Casey Family Programs! All photos by Steve Campagna: Janiva Magness

Photos: Santana & Salvador Santana @ White River Ampitheatre

Santana and Salvador Santana appeared at White River Ampitheatre on August 1st, 2014. Santana, who has won awards ranging from Grammies to an individual star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame for Carlos Santana, is well known for its ability to play several kinds of rock music. Salvador Santana, who is Carlos Santana’s son, opened. All […]