Show Review & Photos: Interpol @ Showbox SoDo

There’s only one problem with Interpol – they just might spoil other bands for you. I saw them for the first time in Seattle in 2003 (after the release of Turn on the Bright Lights and the Interpol EP), and that sealed my status as a fan. They set a mood so well with their sounds and their live presence; they are a crushing force. On Friday night they were absolutely in top form, with Paul Banks’ voice filling the venue with all its cutting strength, Daniel Kessler’s whipping guitar work (and fast dance moves), and Sam Fogarino’s assured drumming. Add to this new bassist David Pajo, who fits in just nicely thank you. Each album they’ve released, including last year’s Interpol, has been brilliant, and they brought a good mix of songs from each one for the set. Particularly strong for me were “NYC,” “Slow Hands,” “Say Hello to the Angels,” “Take You on a Cruise,” “Summer Well,” “Barricade,” “The Heinrich Maneuver,” “Obstacle 1,” “Not Even Jail,” “Memory Serves” and “Narc”. Interpol is wickedly excellent. I think every person in the packed Showbox SoDo was an intense Interpol fan. You could feel it and see it.

photos & review by Dagmar

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