Bumbershoot: Crash Kings End Session & Dandy Warhols Photos

Two amazing shows we were able to catch at Bumbershoot: the Crash Kings in their 107.7 End Session and the Dandy Warhols on the Broad Street stage.  It’s incredible to be part of an End Session, and expectations of the Crash Kings were way too low; they deserve a lot more credit and looking forward to getting to know them a lot better.  The Dandy Warhols put on a fantastic show.  While the stage remained dark, setting an odd mood for this typically very fun band… they did not disappoint. For more photos of this and other sets at Bumbershoot check out the Flickr collection.

Crash Kings






Dandy Warhols








Photos: Kele @ Chop Suey

Bloc Party singer/guitarist Kele performed a solo show at Chop Suey on Friday evening. I say solo – he’s got a whole band with him! Kele has released a new album under his first name, called the Boxer. It came out in June and it’s great to see him recording and doing live shows even though Bloc Party is on hiatus. James Bailey caught some beautiful snaps of the show, and I have tons of them on here because I love Kele:

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Show Review & Photos: Ratatat @ Showbox SODO 9.14.10

You know that song by the Killers where the chorus is all, “Are we human/or are we dancer….”? Well, whatever “dancer” is, I’m pretty sure I’m not it. I’ve never been huge on dancing. I consider myself pretty laid back and loose and whatnot, but I only dance under very specific circumstances.

One of those circumstances was almost seeing Ratatat play at Showbox SODO the other night. Almost – they were that good. DOM and Bobby Birdman kicked off the show. They were great and all, but I’m probably not the best person to give a sound opinion on their style of music. I could handle hanging out and listening, so it was pretty good.

What I really want to talk about is Ratatat’s performance. I saw Ratatat play at Holocene, a fairly small club in Portland a couple years ago.  It was a good performance, nothing mind-blowing. So when I got to the Showbox, I thought I might end up leaving early, not expecting anything too spectacular. As soon as I saw the two ten-foot tall plexi-glass panels standing upright on either side of the stage, I knew something awesome was about to go down.

Everyone went nuts as soon as the duo entered the stage. Dim blue light covered them as they played a mellow intro. And just as everyone was settling in on that – BAM!  Bright white light and tons of fog filled the stage as the classic Ratatat sound filled the venue, louder than ever.  The brilliant light show continued throughout the night.  They nailed their set and had most of the crowd dancing or at least moving in some manner. The show was an amazing combination of visual effects, video projection, and trance-inducing, danceable tunes. The two tall plexi-glass panels were used as projection screens, lit from behind to give a sort of 3-D hologram effect of whatever was being projected on to them (birds, spinning statues, etc. – you know, the usual). At the rear of the stage, there was a giant projection screen for video, which showed anything from giant parakeets to jungle scenes, to the most outlandish combination of awkwardly dressed people exhibiting varying extreme emotions. It was pretty wild to say the least. And I even felt like dancing. Almost.





Bobby Birdman
Bobby Birdman

Bobby Birdman

Bobby Birdman




Photos: Marina and the Diamonds @ the Crocodile

The Crocodile had the Welsh singer Marina Lambrini Diamandis play their stage the other night. Actually she goes by Marina and the Diamonds – a name that includes herself and her band. She’s appropriately included jewels in the titles of 3 of her 4 releases, including the LP the Family Jewels. Photographer Alex Crick got some photographic gems of her:

Marina and the Diamonds 05 - Flickr

Marina and the Diamonds 02 - Flickr

Marina and the Diamonds 03 - Flickr

Marina and the Diamonds 04 - Flickr

Marina and the Diamonds 06 - Flickr

Marina and the Diamonds 07 - Flickr

Marina and the Diamonds 08 - Flickr

Marina and the Diamonds 09 - Flickr

Marina and the Diamonds 10 - Flickr

Marina and the Diamonds 11 - Flickr

Marina and the Diamonds 12 - Flickr
Marina and the Diamonds