Interview & Show Preview: The Bellydance Superstars Presents Bombay Bellywood @ the Showbox Market, Sat. 2/12

The Bellydance Superstars are coming to Seattle on Saturday, February 12th. The dance troupe, which began in 2002, will perform as part of their latest show, Bombay Bellywood. The show includes classical Indian dance, Bollywood themes, and of course bellydancing! On tour with the troupe is dancer Petite Jamila, whom I spoke with last weekend, […]

Interview: Lemmy of Motörhead

British rock band Motörhead release their twentieth album in the States, The Wörld Is Yours on EMI, February 8, 2011. It’s a solid work that maintains the distinctive and roaring Motörhead sound, and I appreciate that more than I can say. Known for fast and hard songs, Motörhead’s also accomplished at slower blues inspired songs […]

Interview: Steven Ansell of Blood Red Shoes

Blood Red Shoes are a Brighton, England-based duo made up of Steven Ansell (drums/vocals) and Laura-Mary Carter (guitar/vocals). Their second EP, Fire Like This (follow-up to 2008’s debut EP Box of Secrets) came out in 2010. I recommend both CDs. Though they differ from each other they are excellent, forward chunks of British rock. I […]

Interview: Antoine Hilaire of Jamaica

France’s Jamaica, a duo made up of Antoine Hilaire and Florent Lyonnet released their debut LP No Problem just this year. Hilaire (guitar/vocals) and Lyonett (bass/vocals) offer traditional, string driven pop music of clarity. There are no synths to dirty the waters here. You can hear evidence of this on their MySpace – I’d point […]