Show Review: Those Darlins @ the Tractor

Those Darlins @ the Tractor, 8/5 Review by Dana Easterling Those Darlins – photo by Angelina Castillo Nashville’s Those Darlins wowed at the Tractor on August 5th. Their current tour has them opening for Diarrhea Planet, also from Nashville, but honestly this band deserves a headlining gig of their own. As they took the stage […]

Show Review & Photos: The Amazing Acro-Cats @ Seattle Center

The Amazing Acro-Cats @ Seattle Center, 6/21/14 Review by Dana Easterling Photos by Dagmar The Amazing Acro-Cats‘ Tuna As a single woman living with cats, I’ve become an expert in navigating that fine line between providing a really good home to a couple of furry freeloaders that I honestly couldn’t live without and earning my […]