SXSW 23 Preview – Catching Bands F-H

PreviewSXSW 23 Catching Bands F-H

On to another set of a few suggested acts appearing at SXSW 23. This list features bands from the UK, Australia, Germany and Italy, and as always, if there’s no video, it means there were some pesky copyright rules on YouTube.

Folly Group
London, England
Schedule for Folly Group

Rock quartet who, I see, was praised by none other than Joe Talbot of Idles. Their debut EP, Human and Kind, features the excellent track “I Raise You (The Price of Your Head).”

Folly Group – photo by Alex Waespi


The Foreign Resort
Copenhagen, Denmark
Schedule for the Foreign Resort

The Foreign Resort’s Bandcamp describes them as dark new-wave, a genre I can always get behind. Decibel called the trio’s 2019 album, Outnumbered, “a gem of black leather noisy shimmery, and grim portent.”

The Foreign Resort


Adelaide, Australia
Schedule for Germein

This trio of Australian sisters toured with Little Mix in the UK, which, I think is awesome. They’ll also tour with the Corrs this fall. Also impressive.



Berlin, Germany
Schedule for GEWALT

Ah yes, some industrial music! From Germany! Cause for celebration indeed. Appropriately, GEWALT means strength in German.

Gewalt – photo by Frank Egel


London, England
Schedule for Girli

London pop artist Girli seems really in to bright colors. And bright music. Born as Amelia Toomey, she’s joined all this sparkle with feminist ethos.

Girli – from Girli’s Facebook


Milan, Italy
Schedule for Giungla

Milan-based GIUNGLA (aka Ema Drei ) has shared stages with Franz Ferdinand, Battles and Grimes. She’s an intriguing act for sure who should have a great live show. Also, GIUNGLA means jungle in Italian.

Giungla – photo Olimpia Rende


Annie Hamilton
Sydney, Australia
Schedule for Annie Hamilton

Annie Hamilton is another of the great female artists from Australia heading to SXSW this year. The singer-songwriter happened to have done a smashing cover last year of Supergrass’ “Alright.”

Annie Hamilton – photo from Hamilton’s Facebook


Manchester, England
Schedule for THE HARA

Brits THE HARA is a confident rock “genre fluid” trio from Manchester. Look at them! Lots to look at here. And their show should be loud and LIVELY.

THE HARA – photo from the HARA’s Facebook


London, England
Schedule for Heartworms

In an interview with The Quietus, Heartworms (Jojo Orme) described her music as dystopian. But it’s also very pretty. I guess dystopian can be pretty and deep, too.

Heartworms – photo by Tom White