SXSW 23 Preview – Catching Bands A-E

PreviewSXSW 23 Catching Bands A-E

Part one of our preview of SXSW 2023 begins with some details on a few of the great artists heading to Texas. We’ll be doing this alphabetically, with A-E beginning the features. If there is no video, that’s because one was not available, like copyright wouldn’t allow to share them.

Schedule for Adwaith

Punk trio whose lyrics are in Welsh. Winners of the Welsh Music Prize (twice) for both albums they’ve released.

Adwaith – photo by Siân Adler


London, UK
Schedule for ALASKA

Electronic duo, they opened up a Crowdfunder to help them get to SXSW, and here they come!

ALASKALASKA – photo by Tami Aftab


Schedule for Augustine

Augustine (real name Timothy More) is a multitalented producer who will make his American debut at the festival.

Augustine – photo by David Sahlberg

Avalanche Party
Yorkshire/the Moors/Middlesbrough, UK
Schedule for Avalance Party

Punk rock band. Their SoundCloud describes them as feral.

Avalanche Party


Beverly Kills
Gotenburg, Sweden
Schedule for Beverly Kills

Another punk rock band. This one comes from Sweden and just released their debut album, Kaleido, in September 2022. They’ve also toured with Wolf Alice.

Beverly Kills – photo by Jakob Ekvall

Brìghde Chaimbeaul
Isle of Sky, Scotland
Schedule for Brìghde Chaimbeaul

Chaimbeul is a bagpipe player! How cool is that? She’s also got equally intriguing sisters, who are harpists.

Brìghde Chaimbeu – photo by Steve Bliss


Tokyo, Japan
Schedule for Chameleon Lime WHooipie

Dance Pop band fronted by the striking Chi-.

Chi- of CHAMELEON LIME WHOOPIEPIE – photo by Masato Yokohama


Liverpool, England
Schedule for Crawlers

British quintet who has opened for My Chemical Romance. Cool!



Yayoi Daimon
Osaka, Japan
Schedule for Yayoi Daimon

Even at the young age of 31, Daimon is a veteran of the Japanese music scene. She used to be part of a girl group called rhythmic, but branched out on her own to be a feminist song-writer, singer, DJ and is also an accomplished dancer.

Yayoi Daimon – photo from Yayoi Daimon’s Twitter


Dream Wife
London, England
Schedule for Dream Wife

More rock from England. Am I stuck on this theme?



Eydís Evensen
Reykjavik, Iceland
Schedule for Eydís Evensen

Nordic pianist. Evensen also used to be a choir singer.

Eydís Evensen – photo by Sunna Björk