Show Review & Photos: Royal Blood w/Hot Wax @ the Paramount

Royal Blood and HotWax: An Evening of Distinctive UK Rock Vibes Comes Seattle
By Diane Webb

Royal Blood – photo by Diane Webb

On November 13, 2023, Seattle played host to a night of unparalleled rock energy as the Royal Blood tour thundered into the Paramount Theatre. The British invasion brought forth not one, but two powerhouse acts that left the crowd buzzing with adrenaline.

Kicking off the night with a fiery explosion of punk brilliance was the UK band HotWax. Their raw, punchy performance was a true homage to punk’s rebellious spirit. From the first chord to the final crash of the drums, HotWax delivered an onslaught of entertainment that had the crowd on their feet. These musicians are not just artists; they are punk warriors with a stage presence that demands attention. The vibes were infectious, and the audience couldn’t get enough of HotWax’s electrifying set.

HotWax – photo by Diane Webb

As the echoes of punk rebellion lingered, the stage transformed for the headlining act – Royal Blood. The duo, armed with their 2023 album Back to the Water Below, took the audience on a journey through the new album with tracks like “Mountains At Midnight,” “Triggers,” and “Shiner In The Dark,” along with fan favorites from their past albums. The stage setup, minimalistic yet captivating, showcased shining Zildjan cymbals, a commanding Gretsch drum kit, and the unmistakable presence of frontman Mike Kerr wielding a Fender.

Royal Blood‘s Mike Kerr – photo by Diane Webb

Lights from the side and rear, overhead spotlights, and fog machines created a nostalgic atmosphere that perfectly complemented the duo’s cool and energetic vibe. Fans were not just spectators; they were active participants, cheering, singing along, and surrendering to the infectious rhythm.

The Royal Blood tour is an absolute must. The dynamic duo, coupled with the punk force of HotWax, guarantees a night of unforgettable live music. Check the tour dates, and make sure to catch a show when it hits your city. The energy is real, and the experience is nothing short of legendary. Don’t miss out!

Royal Blood – photos by Diane Webb

HotWax – photos by Diane Webb