Show Review & Photos: Lauren Daigle w/Josh Garrels @ Climate Pledge Arena

Kaleidoscopic Symphony: Lauren Daigle‘s Unforgettable Night at Climate Pledge Arena – 11/18/23
By Diane Webb

Lauren Daigle – photo by Diane Webb

In a dazzling display of faith, joy, and musical prowess, Lauren Daigle illuminated the Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle on November 18, 2023, with a sold-out performance as part of her Kaleidoscope Tour. The evening kicked off with the soul-soothing sounds of Josh Garrels, who, clad in a signature red beanie, set the tone for an ethereal night of healing music.

As Daigle took the stage, her vibrant attire mirrored the kaleidoscopic theme of the tour—black pants adorned with a riot of colorful flowers, a white button-up shirt with vivid graphics, and funky decorated Converse shoes. The stage itself was a marvel, featuring an extended catwalk that reached three-quarters of the way into the audience, creating an intimate connection between the Grammy-nominated artist and her fans.

During the performance, Daigle’s infectious energy and gratitude filled the arena. A heartwarming moment occurred when a fan tossed her a bracelet, which she joyfully added to her collection, symbolizing the unity and connection she shares with her devoted audience. The atmosphere was one of pure joy, kindness, and unwavering faith.

Lauren Daigle – photo by Diane Webb

But it wasn’t just a concert; it was a global celebration. The show was livestreamed to 10 children’s hospitals, and Daigle took a moment to acknowledge and cheer for the kids, spreading love to children worldwide. Her connection with the audience extended to those who worked at children’s hospitals, thanking them for their invaluable contributions.

Amidst the musical spectacle, Daigle shared the story of her discovery in Winthrop, WA, a serendipitous turn of events that led her to a life-changing indie artist retreat. Her journey from the Cascade mountains to the international stage was as mesmerizing as her performance.

The setlist, a melodic journey of 21 songs, included hits like ‘These Are The Days,’ ‘Kaleidoscope Jesus,’ ‘Turbulent Skies,’ and concluded with the powerful anthem ‘You Say.’ Each note resonated with the audience, creating an unforgettable experience.

Seattle fans, known for their generosity, sponsored an impressive 876 children through the charity organization ‘Child Fund,’ showcasing the profound impact of Daigle’s music and message. As the final notes echoed through the arena, it was clear that Daigle’s Kaleidoscope Tour was not just a concert but a testament to the transformative power of faith, community, and music.

Lauren Daigle – photos by Diane Webb

Josh Garrels – photos by Diane Webb