Show Preview: Tina Dico @ the Triple Door, Sun. 5/29

It’s not very often you get to see Danish singer-songwriters in the States, although we tend to embrace Nordic artists warmly in Seattle particularly. That’s because Seattle just has awesome taste. With that in mind, I recommend Dane Tina Dico‘s appearance on Sunday, May 29th at the Triple Door.

Dico, a prolific songwriter (she’s released ten albums – several reaching number 1 in Denmark – and 4 EPs!!), has incredible depth and emotion in her vocals and work. I’ve yet to see her perform live, but the online videos of her live performances are gorgeous. She writes songs of appreciation, and beautifully, she’ll be joined at the Triple Door show by her husband, fellow musician Helgi Jónsson. Jónsson has played trombone with Sigur Rós – pretty damn cool. Dico also has a songbook of some of her songs, an inspired idea! And, because I love the idea so much, here’s the link to her teaching “Room With A View.”

Tina Dico

~ Dagmar

For tickets & more details, check out the Triple Door’s event page.