Photos: Tina Dico @ the Triple Door

Tina Dico, a singer-songwriter from Denmark, performed at the Triple Door in May. For the show, she brought fellow musician (and her husband), Helgi Jónsson, with whom she’ll have a set of September performances in Germany. Some big news since the Seattle date, and just announced by Dico on her Facebook page: she’s pregnant with […]

Show Preview: Tina Dico @ the Triple Door, Sun. 5/29

It’s not very often you get to see Danish singer-songwriters in the States, although we tend to embrace Nordic artists warmly in Seattle particularly. That’s because Seattle just has awesome taste. With that in mind, I recommend Dane Tina Dico‘s appearance on Sunday, May 29th at the Triple Door. Dico, a prolific songwriter (she’s released […]

Photos and Review: Tina Dico @ The Triple Door

Danish singer/songwriter Tina Dico isn’t a household name in the US. Most people have never heard of her, which is a shame because she had the fans at the Triple Door enchanted with her melodic voice and poignant music. Inspired by Bob Dylan and Tracy Chapman, Tina Dico has created 6 albums and written scores […]

Photos: Tina Dico @ The Triple Door 2-6-11

An award-winning artist in her native Denmark and a Zero 7 alum, Tina Dico played to a packed audience at The Triple Door on Sunday – despite the Super Bowl being on at the same time. Tina is playing nine US dates for her Welcome Back Colour Tour prior to heading to Europe for nearly […]