Photos: Refused & White Lung @ the Crocodile

One day, specifically May 30th, Refused, a hardcore band from a place called Umeå, in Sweden, headlined the Crocodile. And the show looked dangerous indeed. The group, gearing up for the release of its fourth album, Freedom (ready on June 30th), has had quite the rotating lineup. However, the current lineup includes original members Dennis Lyxzén (vocals), David Sandström (drums) and Kristofer Steen (guitar). Basically it’s an awesome reunion. A cool FYI: Lyxzén was voted Sexiest Man in Sweden by Elle Magazine in 2004. Sounds good!

Opening the night was Canada’s White Lung! All photos by Paul Israel:

Refused 03

Refused 02

Refused 04

Refused 01

Refused 05

Refused 06

Refused 07

Refused 08
The Refused

White Lung 01

White Lung 02

White Lung 03

White Lung 04

White Lung 05
White Lung