Photos: Gentlemen of the Road w/Mumford & Sons, the Flaming Lips, the Vaccines & More in Walla Walla, Washington

Gentlemen of the Road Stopover brought its incredible lineup, including Mumford & Sons, the Flaming Lips, the Vaccines and so many others, to Walla Walla in August. A record label and events promoter, Gentlemen of the Road’s Stopovers take place internationally. For more on Gentlemen of the Road’s history, I recommend you listen to a September ’15 interview BBC Radio 1 did with the festival creators, Mumford & Sons.

All photos by Tino Tran:

Mumford & Sons-06

Mumford & Sons-11
Mumford & Sons

07a-The Flaming Lips

The Flaming Lips-06
The Flaming Lips

05d-The Vaccines

The Vaccines - 09
The Vaccines


Jenny Lewis-03

06d-Jenny Lewis
Jenny Lewis

02a-Jeff the Brotherhood

02b-Jeff the Brotherhood
JEFF the Brotherhood

03a-Blake Mills

03b-Blake Mills

03c-Blake Mills
Blake Mills

08a-Mumford & Sons

08d-Mumford & Sons

08e-Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons-03

Mumford & Sons-04

Mumford & Sons-05

Mumford & Sons-07

Mumford & Sons-08

Mumford & Sons-09

Mumford & Sons-10

Mumford & Sons-12

Mumford & Sons-13

Mumford & Sons-14

Mumford & Sons-15

Mumford & Sons-16

Mumford & Sons-18

Mumford & Sons-19

Mumford & Sons-20
Mumford & Sons

The Flaming Lips-01

The Flaming Lips-02

The Flaming Lips-03

The Flaming Lips-04

The Flaming Lips-05

The Flaming Lips-07

The Flaming Lips-08

The Flaming Lips-09

The Flaming Lips-10

The Flaming Lips-11

The Flaming Lips-12

The Flaming Lips-13

The Flaming Lips-14

The Flaming Lips-15

The Flaming Lips-16

07b-The Flaming Lips

07e-The Flaming Lips
The Flaming Lips

05b-The Vaccines

05c-The Vaccines

The Vaccines - 01

The Vaccines - 02

The Vaccines - 04

The Vaccines - 05

The Vaccines - 06

The Vaccines - 07

The Vaccines - 08

The Vaccines - 10
The Vaccines





06a-Jenny Lewis

06b-Jenny Lewis

06c-Jenny Lewis

06e-Jenny Lewis

Jenny Lewis-01

Jenny Lewis-04

Jenny Lewis-05

Jenny Lewis-06

Jenny Lewis-07

Jenny Lewis-08

Jenny Lewis-10

Jenny Lewis-12

Jenny Lewis-13
Jenny Lewis