Photos: Grizzly Bear @ the Paramount

On October 5th the Paramount hosted New York quartet Grizzly Bear. The band’s fourth release, Shields, came out in September 2012, receiving high praise from fans and critics. The video for Shields‘ song “Yet Again” featured a disillusioned ice skater. All photos of Seattle’s show by Alex Crick: Grizzly Bear

Photos: Two Door Cinema Club, Friends, Motopony & St. Lucia @ City Arts Fest

City Arts Fest outdid itself with one of its final shows: Two Door Cinema Club, Friends, Motopony and St. Lucia at Showbox SoDo. Any one of these groups could headline many venues, and for this Saturday evening the gargantuanly great Northern Irish band Two Door Cinema Club held the final slot. New York’s Friends and […]

Show Review & Photos: Ravenna Woods & Cody Beebe & Crooks, Land Of Pines & The Swearengens @ City Arts Fest

Ravenna Woods, Cody Beebe & the Crooks and Land Of Pines @ City Arts Fest, 10/19 Review by Chris Senn Photos by Kirk Stauffer City Arts Fest is the best local festival to come about in quite a while. While quite a few national and international acts are brought in, the core and heart of […]

Photos: Heartless Bastards, Ty Segall & The Helio Sequence @ Bumbershoot

We are getting so, so close to completing our coverage of 2012’s Bumbershoot! Photographer Simon Krane was all over the festival’s grounds, and we’ve got more evidence of his journeys. Krane caught garage acts Heartless Bastards and Ty Segall – as well as the Helio Sequence. Heartless Bastards Ty Segall The Helio Sequence