Photos: The Horde and the Harem, Western Haunts, Rags and Ribbons & Gibraltar @ the Crocodile

On September 8th The Horde and the Harem played their first Crocodile headlining show. They’ll return to the Crocodile on November 3rd for a show with Portland’s Typhoon and Lost Lander. While waiting for that show we urge you to get familiar with their wonderful album, A Long Midwinter. Western Haunts, who celebrated their album […]

Photos: Anthrax & Testament @ Showbox at the Market

Anthrax and Testament – that’s right, together – played Showbox at the Market on September 19th. Photographer Dan Rogers took some sweet photos of the bands and reports back that Anthrax’s Scott Ian played “a crazy bloody dirty guitar. It’s called the zombie guitar. It was custom-made and was debuted at this show. The guitar […]

Photos: Lights @ Bumbershoot

The gorgeous Canadian musician Lights was one of this year’s stars at Bumbershoot. Synth or electropop are just a few musical descriptions you could give to her sound – we’ll just call it awesome. Great photos of Lights’ appearance from photographer Kirk Stauffer are here for you to peek at. Also? She loves cats.