Photos: Linkin Park/Incubus & MUTEMATH @ the Tacoma Dome

Two Californian bands, Linkin Park and Incubus co-headlined the Tacoma Dome on Wednesday evening. Each band has utilized many different styles in its music, so the pairing brought two bands together who will try something new – check out their latest; Linkin Park’s Living Things and Incubus’ If Not Now, When?. Opening for Linkin Park […]

Photos: TacocaT @ Bumbershoot

TacocaT (yes, it’s stylized with two capital Ts – get it? get it? It’s a palindrome!) played this year’s Bumbershoot. Twice! The Seattle band would be beloved even if it only had an adorable name, but they also brought their musical chops to the Sub Pop Stage and the Free Yr Radio Stage. We’ve got […]

Photos: Black Mountain @ Neumos

Vancouver, Canada’s Black Mountain headlined Neumos on August 28th. The rock band is scheduled for a show in Eugene, Oregon on Thursday, September 6th – plus two shows at MusicfestNW this Friday, September 7th. Black Mountain released Year Zero: The Original Soundtrack last spring (it’s not a soundtrack though!). Lord Fotog was at the Seattle […]