Photos: Furniture Girls & the Yev @ the High Dive

Dreams, Furniture Girls‘ new EP, saw its release on February 21st at the High Dive. The Seattle quintet plan on releasing a second EP this year – I anticipate a party for that one as well! If you’re heading to SXSW you can catch the group at Heart of Texas RockFest on March 13th. And openers the Yev, have another show set at LoFi on March 9th. All photos by Steve Campagna:

Furniture Girls20140222_0011

Furniture Girls20140221_0001

Furniture Girls20140221_0002

Furniture Girls20140221_0003

Furniture Girls20140222_0004

Furniture Girls20140222_0005

Furniture Girls20140222_0006

Furniture Girls20140222_0007

Furniture Girls20140222_0008

Furniture Girls20140222_0009

Furniture Girls20140222_0010

Furniture Girls20140222_0012

Furniture Girls20140222_0013

Furniture Girls20140222_0014
Furniture Girls

The Yev20140221_0001

The Yev20140221_0002

The Yev20140221_0003

The Yev20140221_0004

The Yev20140221_0005

The Yev20140221_0006

The Yev20140221_0007
The Yev