Show Review & Photos: Adam Ant & Prima Donna @ Showbox at The Market

Adam Ant & Prima Donna @ Showbox at the Market, 9/7
Review & Photos by John Rudolph

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Adam Ant

I was going to say that Prima Donna was the surprise of the night. On any other night that would be true but not this one. Adam Ant absolutely grabbed the crowd by the scruff of the neck and never let go. The raucous crowd never stayed still long enough to beg for mercy. They were putty in Ant’s hands.

Was Adam Ant the surprise of the night? Yes, for me at least. The last time that I had any experience with Adam Ant was sometime around 1984 when my friends were buying checkered Vans skate shoes and calling them “Goody Two-Shoes.” This crowd? They never let time lapse between the first time they hear Adam Ant, and this energy filled night.

The crowd sang every song like it was the last time they were ever going to hear them. Sighs of memories past rang out for nearly every song. They (and I) truly enjoyed themselves. What more could a performer ask for from fans spanning 30 years packed into an intimate setting?

Prima Donna ROCKED and put EVERYTHING into their performance. I couldn’t have ask for more from them. Prima Donna was super energetic – jumping and leaping the entire time. Their music was vintage with a heaping helping of LA rock mixed in. They could easily be the surprise of the night – on any other night.

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Prima Donna