Thoughts Away: Nick Cave

Thoughts Away: Nick Cave

*This is a brand new feature, which will include whatever music-related item is on my mind.*

Nick Cave, the magnificent Australian singer-songwriter and all kinds of other artist (author, screenwriter, and more – wow), is gearing up for a European tour with the Bad Seeds. Cave will also conclude his Conversations with Nick Cave appearances in January. We’ll have our coverage of the Seattle event soon.

I’ve been thinking especially about two Nick Cave things. One, the song, “Red Right Hand,” the other “Where the Wild Roses Grow.” “Red Right Hand” originally appeared on the Let Love In album, but it came to my attention – as to so many others – when it popped up on The X-Files soundtrack. Such a sexy song. Sexy in a different way is “Where the Wild Roses Grow,” which he recorded with Kylie Minogue.

So what’s new musically for Cave? Ghosteen, which comes out on disc/digital on November 8th. Right away I see the cover is to die for, and one I will most likely feature on my Cool Cover segment as well. But here it is now. I love the animals and artwork on it. I admit, sadly, I have not heard the album yet. Must rectify that soon! I’m seeing other writers giving it nearly perfect reviews. Congrats to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Keep on stunning.