Show Review & Photos: H.C. McEntire w/ Susy Sun @ Barboza

H.C. McEntire w/ Susy Sun @ Barboza, 2/24/19Show Review & Photos by Lisa Hagen Glynn Durham country artist Heather (H.C.) McEntire played Barboza on February 24th, accompanied by a trio of drums, bass, and guitar. Her tour supportsed her January 2018 solo debut, LIONHEART. McEntire (also of Mount Moriah) had been backing indie-folk artist Angel […]

Show Review & Photos: Kawehi, Julia Massey & Susy Sun @ Barboza

Kawehi, Julia Massey & Susy Sun @ Barboza, 8/25/14 Show Review & Photos by Michelle Woods Kawehi One-woman musician and performer, Kawehi (aka: I am Kawehi), headlined on a Monday night at Barboza and drew in a very engaged crowd. A live looping artist and musician, Hawaiian native who is currently living in LA, Kawehi […]