Photos: Matisyahu w/Dirty Heads & Pacific Dub @ the Moore

A sweet triple bill of Matisyahu, Dirty Heads and Pacific Dub was at the Moore on September 23rd. Spark Seeker, Matisyahu’s fourth album, includes the excellent song “Sunshine.” He’ll continue touring this year and have special Festival of Light dates in December. All photos by Jimmy Lovaas: Matisyahu Dirty Heads Pacific Dub The Moore Signage

Show Review & Photos: Pacific Dub @ El Corazon

Do you like reggae? Do you love it? You’d probably like this band from Huntington Beach, California called Pacific Dub. They opened for the Dirty Heads last Monday at El Corazon, and I was impressed with their music and liveliness. The audience’s response was completely positive. I couldn’t get any clear shots of their drummer […]