Bumbershoot 2010 in Photos

Bumbershoot 2010 (or as I lovingly call it, Weezershoot) finished a few weeks ago, but it’s taken some time for me to catch my breath and prepare photo galleries. Today I’ve got galleries ready of several acts, including Weezer: Weezer Gallery of Weezer @ Bumbershoot Japandroids Gallery of Japandroids @ Bumbershoot Lisa Dank Gallery of […]

Photos: Hole, Weezer, Motion City Soundtrack & Daredevils @ Bumbershoot

Hole and Weezer played Bumbershoot’s Mainstage last night and I completely enjoyed both sets. I had never seen Hole before but have always liked their music. I think Courtney Love is resilient and talented – “Honey,” off the new CD, Nobody’s Daughter was quite gorgeous. Love’s voice was spot-on, and Live Through This’ “Miss World,” […]