Photos: The Melvins & Le Butcherettes @ Showbox at the Market

In the fall of 2014, more specifically, October 16th, the Melvins made an always welcome visit to Seattle. More good Melvins news came out last week, when the Bumbershoot Festival 2015 lineup, including the Melvins, was announced. Special note to Buzz Osborne: Awesome evil eye top! Le Butcherettes, a Mexican trio who have a few […]

Photos: The Melvins @ the Showbox Market

The Melvins played the Showbox Market the other night and at least a couple of them were wearing what might be Viking outfits? I am not sure what the garb is but I think they look fabulous! Photographer Jackie Canchola took some expressive shots as the band played. If you missed it they’ll be back […]