Movies & Music: Peter Cook in Bedazzled

On no real regular schedule I am going to be writing a bit about music in movies – in any context I want. Any time I want. The first post on the site was about Ann-Margret’s scene in Tommy where she writhes around in beans. Perhaps others on here will offer some thoughts on movies […]

Video: Hatefuck by The Bravery

Here’s a new video from the Bravery for their song, Hatefuck. It kind of explains a little bit that mask bassist Mike Hindert was wearing at the Seattle show in July. Kind of. He directed this: The Bravery – “Hatefuck” from the hassle on Vimeo.

Photos & Gallery: Pet Shop Boys @ the Moore

As promised I have more photos of Pet Shop Boys and the link to a fuller gallery. What a cool show this was – complete with dancers dressed as buildings. As extraordinary as the entire production was, the most important parts to me though were, naturally, the Pet Shop Boys themselves. Favorite songs of the […]