Photos: Keane @ the Moore

Keane is one of my favorite groups ever. I place their songs right up there with a few of my other all-time favorites, the Beatles, a-ha and early Bee Gees. This is high praise from me as the music from these artists, and Keane, is just holy in its very existence and melody. I took […]

CD Review: Fight Like Apes’ You Filled His Head With Fluffy Clouds And Jolly Ranchers, What Did You Think Was Going to Happen?

Ireland’s Fight Like Apes have released a few EPs and now one full length CD. I’ve got one of their EPs, You Filled His Head With Fluffy Clouds And Jolly Ranchers, What Did You Think Was Going To Happen? Besides making me want Jolly Ranchers, cinnamon Jolly Ranchers perhaps, it makes me feel really great. […]

Video: Julian Plenti’s Games for Days

Always eagle-eyed Music Slut just posted the video for Julian Plenti’s Games for Days. It’s got hotel trashing in it. I don’t encourage that but hell, it’s a video. And isn’t that one of the dudes from Mad Men at the hotel desk? Not sure. Julian Plenti is Paul Banks. I received the CD, Skyscraper, […]

Interview: Strify & Kiro of Cinema Bizarre

I recently talked with Strify, vocalist and Kiro, bassist of Cinema Bizarre before their opening show for the Fame Tour with Lady Gaga. They were in Seattle for the first time and don’t hate these guys because they’re beautiful – instead love them for their dramatic music and striking stage presence. I haven’t seen a […]

Photos: Slayer & Killswitch Engage @ Mayhem Fest

I like the mayhem. What I like even is more is these photos Marcella Volpintesta got of Slayer & Killswitch Engage. I totally need to see these bands next time they are in the area. Enjoy: Slayer Killswitch Engage All photos by Marcella Volpintesta. Click here to see Marcella’s photos of Marilyn Manson.