Movies & Music: Peter Cook in Bedazzled

On no real regular schedule I am going to be writing a bit about music in movies – in any context I want. Any time I want. The first post on the site was about Ann-Margret’s scene in Tommy where she writhes around in beans. Perhaps others on here will offer some thoughts on movies and film – Amelia did so earlier with a piece on the Iron Maiden film, Iron Maiden: Flight 666.

I’ve seen Bedazzled (1967) several times and it made a huge impression on me as a kid. It’s funny, it’s stylish and it is such a great 1960s movie. Peter Cook plays the Devil and the part of the film that always got me is when the Devil (as singer Drimble Wedge) does a song called Bedazzled on a Ready,Steady,Go! type show. Cook’s delivery is so completely removed and uninterested that it, of course, gets all the girls’ attention (including the lovely Eleanor Bron from Help! and Alfie). Plus Dudley Moore is quite intrigued as well. I like how Cook singles out that one chick in the audience – you’ll see.

I don’t care
So you said
I don’t want you
I don’t need you
I don’t love you
Leave me alone
I’m self contained
Just go away
I’m fickle
I’m cold
I’m shallow
You fill me with inertia
Don’t get excited
Save your breath
Cool it
I’m not interested
It’s too much effort
Don’t you ever leave off?