Photos: Devo @ the Moore

Devo performed their album Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! in its entirety last night as night one of a two evening stay at the Moore in Seattle. I knew any show that starts with Uncontrollabe Urge would have to be good and yes it certainly was an excellent performance. Right after a brilliant rendition of Mongoloid the band ripped off their Devo radiation suits and went into the beloved Jocko Homo. How awesome to see this band again – you can catch them tonight as they do Freedom of Choice. We got a sneak preview of the show when they did Gates of Steel as an encore. My photos (more coming):

devomoore 410

devomoore 942

devomoore 999

devomoore 884

devomoore 341

devomoore 998

devomoore 933

devomoore 1053

devomoore 917

devomoore 790

devomoore 676

devomoore 557

devomoore 850

devomoore 491

devomoore 446

devomoore 193

devomoore 049

devomoore 470

devomoore 095
all photos by Dagmar