Photos: Two Gallants @ Barboza

The stunning band known as Two Gallants headlined Barboza on Friday night. They played to a rapt audience who knew and loved the songs – plus fans ate up the new material off Two Gallants’ latest, The Bloom and the Blight. This show gets an A+ from me, a rather hardened – yet enthusiastic – […]

Photos and Review: Trixie Whitley at Barboza

Belgian-born, Trixie Whitley soulfully yet playfully took the stage at Barboza to a passionate yet intimate crowd. Her bluesy, alt rock style suited the understated elegence of Barboza. Initially the fans sat dutifully in their chairs and tables. Trixie asked them to feel free to move closer and they complied with cheers and applause. Trixie […]

Photos: Hotels @ Barboza

On June 8th Hotels became the first band I saw at the newly opened Barboza, a venue which is somehow swanky and comfortable at the same time. Hotels is a group I have always been partial to, but really, they are awesome. They opened for the touring British band, A Silent Film (pix of them […]