Photos: Frankie Rose @ Barboza

Frankie Rose played at Barboza last week nearing the end of her headlining west coast tour. Joined by her band put together with New York performers specifically for the tour, Rose performed numerous songs from her second full-length album, Herein Wild, as well as Interstellar released in 2012. One reason I enjoy Rose’s music is […]

Show Review & Photos: Xiu Xiu, Circuits des Yeux & Newaxeyes @ Barboza

Xiu Xiu, Circuits des Yeux & Newaxeyes @ Barboza, 8/5/14 Review by Nick Nihil Photos by Dagmar Xiu Xiu Before I get into the music let me first get this message out: if you’ve paid to get into a music venue for a show featuring live musicians, please SHUT UP. Music venues, particularly small ones […]

Photos: Two Gallants @ Barboza

The stunning band known as Two Gallants headlined Barboza on Friday night. They played to a rapt audience who knew and loved the songs – plus fans ate up the new material off Two Gallants’ latest, The Bloom and the Blight. This show gets an A+ from me, a rather hardened – yet enthusiastic – […]