Show Review & Photos: Vanessa Carlton w/ Tristen @ the Triple Door

Vanessa Carlton @ the Triple Door 4/7/2017
Review & Photos by John Rudolph

Vanessa Carlton

Vanessa Carlton is a fantastic performer with a pure, clean voice, and soft flowing tones.

Carlton started with her show with her hit, “1000 Miles,” to, as she put it, “get it out of the way” so she could share some of her other works. Carlton’s pure voice accompanied with the Steinway and violin worked so well together.

I love it when artists talk about their lives and their influences. We forget sometimes that they are people with families and a past. The banter with the audience really rounded out her performance.

An example was the painting hanging behind her on stage, which was painted by her grandfather. She shared that he was a clothing designer and painter. Without the storytelling, we would not have known who she is and how her past influenced her present.

Vanessa Carlton