Show Review & Photos: The Whip @ Chop Suey

The Whip comes from Manchester, England and far exceed their Mancunian pedigree. They’re a quartet of seductive talent and strength and I made it to their show even though I was recovering from a flu bug. I had to see them, I just had to and I was completely right about my suspicions that they’d put on a tasty as salt and vinegar chips show.

You may have heard what is their real breakthrough song, Trash. It’s got sexy synth & drums starting it out and a classic bass line. Then it’s got vocalist/guitarist Bruce Carter blends in with the only lyrics of the song I wanna be trash . . . and I have become the trigger for your gun. I love how they built this song and build it live. I love the rhythm of all their songs and I got this feeling of real affection among the band members – the way they interact is so connected and yet loose. Drummer Lil Fee is a major talent and it’s so great to watch playing her drums. The band has such a strong style and it hits you right in the gut, a visceral attack you enjoy.

I love Carter’s voice as well. He mentioned he was feeling ill that night but it didn’t hurt his voice – if it’s usually better live then that is an amazing feat for sure. The synth work Danny Saville brings to the band is literate and sparkling. Nathan Sudders’ bass is ideal. Trash though is not their only show-stopper – Save My Soul, Divebomb, and Blackout all rage with fire. Hell, all their songs are excellent.

Oh, and their debut CD, X Marks Destination is a must buy.

Bruce Carter

Lil Fee

Danny Saville

Nathan Sudders

Bruce Carter

Lil Fee
all photos by Dagmar – you can see more here & here.

Here’s their video for Trash:

Also on the way is the interview I did with Danny Saville and Nathan Sudders.