Show Review & Photos: The Darkness & the Dead Deads @ the Showbox

The Darkness & the Dead Deads at the Showbox 3/18/2022
Show Review & Photos by John Rudolph

Walking mask-clad into the Showbox, I didn’t know what to expect covering the Darkness.  I didn’t know much about them, but had heard a song or two.  When I rounded the corner near the coat check, I was hit with a packed house.  

The Darkness‘ Justin Hawkins – photo by John Rudolph

There was an excitement, a buzz in the room of something fun about to begin. And the fun sure began.  The Darkness took to the stage with so much energy and rocked with a ’70s glam rock sound that would have been at home at a T. Rex concert.

Hailing from my old stomping grounds, Suffolk, England, the Darkness’ sound is quite refreshing in an age of metal and other flavors of music.  Too many bands start sounding way too familiar today. For some, singer Justin Hawkins’ voice might be a little different, very much a falsetto. Again, it’s that glam rock sound that’s been missing for too long.

Hawkins had no shortage of costumes, either.  He started pretty casually with a white shirt and pants, but before too long his shirt came off, revealing a torso covered in ink.  But then. . . of course that shirt came off! His next costume was a very tight tan, fringe-covered leotard and boots.  

I have to say, I was very entertained. Look up the Darkness’ latest record, Motorheart. You’ll love it.