Show Review & Photos: Still Corners & Ruby Haunt @ the Sunset

Still Corners & Ruby Haunt @ the Sunset – 11/5/18
Show Review & Photos by Lisa Hagen Glynn

Still Corners played a sold-out early show at The Sunset in Ballard. With many fans still seeking tickets online, the London-based dream-pop group could have filled a larger venue, but the low stage and cozy room offered a more personal experience.

Tessa Murray of Still Corners

Still Corners was co-founded by keyboardist–vocalist Tessa Murray and guitarist–producer Greg Hughes, who were joined on tour by drummer Josh Halpern. Murray’s whispered vocals combined beautifully with Hughes’ wailing, reverb-heavy guitar riffs—all set atop persistent drums, dancing arpeggios, and emotional swells. Behind the band were colorful psychedelic projections and a blue-lit disco ball.

The set included several tunes from Still Corners’ August 2018 release, Slow Air, along with earlier favorites such as “Fireflies” and “Beginning to Blue.” They closed with an intense and hair-flinging version of “The Trip,” before quickly reappearing for a two-tune encore. Murray returned afterward to greet a queue of fans and sign CDs.

Los Angeles-based trio Ruby Haunt opened with an introspective dream-pop set that included tunes from their 2018 album Blue Hour. Collaborators Wyatt Ininns and Victor Pakpour were joined by a bassist. They joked of the 7:30 p.m. start time that, “We’ll all get to bed on time tonight.”

Still Corners
Ruby Haunt