Show Review & Photos: Rob Zombie @ WaMu Theater

Rob Zombie co-headlined with Slayer on Saturday night for the Hell on Earth Tour in a show that made me fear hell not one bit – with these guys it seems like it just might be okay. Still hot, but okay. I’m not sure how Rob Zombie and his band, John 5, Ginger Fish and the inestimable Piggy D. play every night on that stage. Standing in the pit taking pictures was a melting experience (those flames – real, real flames) and I wasn’t even wearing a cape as Piggy D. and Rob Zombie were wearing. Even if you didn’t like Rob Zombie’s music (but I do, I do!) you’d get a kick out of the entire stage set up. In addition to real flames there was a giant screen with B movie footage – including the original Planet of the Apes – if you like female nudity then there was plenty of topless females dancing and frolicking on the screen as well. You like amazing goth-rock-end of the world outfits? Then Rob Zombie and company are your guys. Piggy D., in a cape, pelts and shiny iron mask to begin with appeared to be what my imagination might come up with if you wanted to know what a real Viking would look like. Zombie, in what should have been mismatched attire somehow brought it all together – leather button trench coat? Check. Half-striped pants? Check. Armor chest coverings. Check.

They also whipped out the “Werewolf Women of the SS” trailer, then came back onstage in long red coats. It was awesome. Musical moments that stood out for me included “Superbeast,” “Jesus Frankenstein,” “Pussy Liquor,” (the backdrop for this number was inspired) “Mars Needs Women,” “More Human Than Human,” (complete with dancing giant robots onstage) “Thunderkiss ’65,” “Sick Bubblegum” and “Living Dead Girl.” As a showman Zombie really sparkled – yes, sparkled – he and reached out to the audience. There’s something important to me about interacting with your audience.

Rob Zombie

Review & all photos by Dagmar

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