Show Review & Photos: Macklemore w/Lace Cadence & The Residency @ Climate Pledge Arena

Macklemore’s Hometown Glory: A Riveting Night of Hits, Surprises, and Unmatched Energy at Climate Pledge Arena -12/22/23

By Diane Webb


Macklemore – photo by Diane Webb

On Friday, December 22, 2023, Macklemore electrified the Climate Pledge Arena with the second sold-out show of his Ben tour, marking a triumphant return to his hometown stage.

The evening started with an impressive lineup from The Residency Alumni, featuring the artists Tah-Jae Shante, Rosé Prosecco, Flourish Maxzeal, Crissy P, and Tazz Enrico.

Lace Cadence, the celebrated Seattle DJ, and KEXP Radio Host, then took the stage, setting the crowd on fire with a mix of beats spanning decades and genres. His set paid homage to local Seattle artists, drawing thunderous cheers from the appreciative audience.

Macklemore Ken Workman

Ken Workman – Photo By Diane Webb

Before Macklemore’s grand entrance, Ken Workman, a direct descendant of Chief Si’ahl of the Duwamish tribe, delivered a local land acknowledgement along with a heartfelt blessing, adding a touch of cultural reverence to the night.

As the lights dimmed, the crowd pressed closer to the stage, and the LED backdrop showcased iconic Seattle landmarks, signaling a concert dedicated to the city and its people. Macklemore began with “CHANT” from his 2023 album “BEN.” In an awe-inspiring visual display, he was lifted into the air on a platform amid bursts of vibrant pyrotechnic flames.

The show unfolded with memorable moments, including Macklemore’s goddaughter introducing the hit “Thrift Store.” Decked out in his signature knee-length fur coat, this time in leopard print, he shared the stage with Wanz, who sported a white suit, Santa hat, and sunglasses. Costume changes throughout the night mirrored his hit songs, ranging from fringed leather jackets to sequined gloves and even golf-themed white shoes.

The concert was a visual spectacle with rainbow-colored confetti, pyrotechnics, dancers, and water guns that Macklemore joyfully sprayed on the audience during “No Bad Days.” The special appearance of Mary Lambert in a sparkling sequined dress during “Same Love” further intensified the feeling of unity throughout the venue.

In a particularly poignant moment, Macklemore rode a motorcycle above the crowd during “Downtown,” joined by Eric “Full Moon” Nally on vocals. Transitioning to the second stage, he delivered a powerful performance of “Otherside” while acknowledging a group of kids from the Recovery Center of Seattle, and expressing support for their journey to sobriety.

The concert was a nostalgic journey through Macklemore’s extensive catalog, blending newer tracks from the “BEN” album with timeless classics. The artist’s love for Seattle and his fans was palpable, creating an atmosphere of celebration and connection.

The unforgettable night concluded with a high-energy rendition of “Can’t Hold Us,” one of Macklemore’s fan favorites, leaving the audience with a lasting impression of the extraordinary performance and a hometown hero’s triumphant return.

Macklemore – photos by Diane Webb

Lace Cadence – photos by Diane Webb

The ResidencyTah-Jae ShanteRosé Prosecco photos by Diane Webb