Show Review & Photos: Kim Petras @ the Showbox

Kim Petras @ the Showbox – 10/22/19
~Review & Photos by Dagmar

Kim Petras – photo by Dagmar

The stunning German singer-songwriter Kim Petras performed at the Showbox on October 22nd. Petras, who now has two awesome albums, Clarity and Turn Off the Light under her belt, has also released a large number of great singles and an EP. I was really excited to see her, and she put on such an amazing show. Can you tell I love her? I do.

Petras made numerous outfit changes, including the wonderful dress she hit the stage in. She looked like one of those little ballerinas you see in music boxes – but one that’s an electronic princess. There was also a brown cavewoman-like outfit she wore as she sang and posed on a circular, moving platform. I gotta say I worried a few times she might fall in her fantastic enormously high-heeled boots, but she elegantly kept everything together.

And her voice was wonderful. The songs spectacular. I enjoyed how she ordered her setlist with segments: a big set of Clarity tracks, singles, covers, a giant set of Turn Off the Light tracks. Superb. Big love to “There Will Be Blood,” “Massacre,” and “Everybody Dies.” I loved it all. She also did a really cool thing where she made hand movements along with the electronics.

I cannot wait to see her again. She is a joyful, sexy, talented artist for the modern age. Brava Petras, brava.

Kim Petras – all photos by Dagmar


Clarity (Clarity)
Got My Number (Clarity)
Meet the Parents (Clarity)
Blow It All (Clarity)
I Don’t Want It at All (Single)
Hillside Boys (Single)
1,2,3 Dayz Up (Single)
Unlock It/Click (Charli XCX Cover)

There Will Be Blood (Turn Off the Light)
Wrong Turn (Turn Off the Light)
Massacre (Turn Off the Light)

Death By Sex (Turn Off the Light)
Close Your Eyes (Turn Off the Light)
Everybody Dies (Turn Off the Light)

Human (Killers Cover)
Homework (Single)

Icy (Clarity)
Do Me (Clarity)

Can’t Do Better (Single)
Heart to Break (Single)
Sweet Spot (Clarity)